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17 May 2021
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Aleksander Rychlik

In the past, I shared some thoughts on the healthy eating of a weight-conscious person (see entry: "Train, eat and have time"). However, many people still ask for more detailed information about the box diet, I decided to come back to the matter.

A set of boxes with dietary, yet tasty content arrive at my door five times a week (there is also a seven-day option) very early in the morning, around four o'clock. Today, in a paper bag with the FIT KING logo, I found 6 boxes (2 larger and 4 smaller) and a separately packed an energy bar.

The menu for Monday, May 17, is as follows:

• breakfast: porridge with banana and nut sauce (hot),

• second breakfast: tomato cream soup with basil oil (hot),

• lunch: chicken in garlic sauce with rice and green beans in sesame (hot),

• an additional set to be used during lunch or dinner: ham stew in its own sauce with groats (hot) plus pickled cucumber salad,

• afternoon tea: lemon cake with poppy seeds (cold),

• dinner: pasta with spicy pepper sauce (hot),

• additionally: a bar (FIT KING's original product) containing protein and complex carbohydrates (nutritious, satisfying my appetite for sweets, really very tasty).

All the above-mentioned meals make up a 2500 kcal diet, a bar is an additional 210 kcal, so together it is 2710 kcal (I like that the packages indicate the energy and nutritional value of each part of the meal).

I have to admit that I disturbed the planned order and ate the pasta from today's set for breakfast instead of dinner. I like pasta with sauce, and this one tastes special to me, so I couldn't help it. It was with great pleasure that I devoured the piece of cake presented in the photos. I know that the FIT KING company employs a dessert specialist who makes sure that there is always something sweet, but low in calories. They are often original desserts (I have not eaten lemon poppy seed cake anywhere else), always fresh and tasty.

I know that for some people the problem with the box diet is the issue of packaging, which cannot be avoided because food cannot be delivered in bulk. For these people, I have two pieces of information: the cutlery used by FIT KING is 100% biodegradable, when it comes to containers, you can choose the eco version for an additional fee. I suppose this version will be released soon.

Finally, a few questions and answers:

- Would I be able to prepare such a varied, healthy and attractive menu on my own? No way, I couldn't make it. Already shopping would take a lot of time, and cooking and baking? It's not worth talking.

- Would I be able to count the calories myself and ensure their planned level? No, I have no idea how to go about it.

- What do I like this diet for? Thanks to it, I eat regularly, I do not overeat, but also I am not hungry and, what is important, I do not succumb to temptations. In my case, this is a really good solution.

- Am I planning to change supplier? For what? FIT KING is proven, reliable and reliable. It gives me what I need: it takes care of my shape and my taste buds. I wonder how they will surprise me tomorrow.

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