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Aleksander Rychlik


In any training, continuity is important, and direct contact with the trainer is essential on the way to achieving the desired body-shape, condition and health. Sometimes, however, direct cooperation is not possible (travel, quarantine, etc.). Thanks to modern technologies, there is a solution for this. Online consultation is possible regardless of the place and time. Consultation is primarily about giving tips and advice related to a specific problem. Online training is also possible, but should not be a permanent practice.


Consultations with a trainer are online meetings during which we:

- agree on goals,

- evaluate the degree of their implementation,

- consider possible training solutions,

- discuss dietary issues,

- solve problems related to sport and a healthy lifestyle for the adept.


Online consultation before the first training sesstion is a common practice. You will tell me a little about yourself, we will analyze your physical condition, lifestyle and eating habits.

Created by: Adam Rychlik - Wytwórnia Projektów Wartościowych ,   adamrychlik@icloud.com