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Aleksander Rychlik

19 August 2022
Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly, but it can also be a great form of recreation, and even a source of extreme experiences. Riding a mountain bike can provide just
07 August 2022
This year's summer camp differed from the previous ones mainly its multinational participation. The MONSTERS club implements a program of extracurricular activities, one of the goals of which is to
15 May 2022
What does sleep have to do with weight loss? It may look like lack of linkage in this relation.  In common opinion, life is so interesting and exciting that sleeping
06 March 2022
The Klitshko brothers who became famous around the world as outstanding boxers. After the end of their sports careers, they acted for the benefit of society: Vitaliy entered politics and
27 February 2022
The legendary boxer, the current world heavyweight champion of the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO organizations has returned to his homeland, which is heroically defending itself against aggression from Russia.
18 January 2022
25 November 2021
Abdominal obesity is a problem and sometimes a source of complexes for many people. Being aware of the problem is usually not enough to solve it. You need strong motivation
06 September 2021
It is not true that all students are happy to switch from distance learning to regular classroom lessons. In a TV interview, the girl (probably second or third grade) said:
17 July 2021
During the July training camp, the adepts of the Monsters Club were very occupied from morning to evening. Training sessions, long marches, reaching Nosal ( a mountain) – all that
17 May 2021
In the past, I shared some thoughts on the healthy eating of a weight-conscious person (see entry: "Train, eat and have time"). However, many people still ask for more detailed
14 April 2021
A few days ago, Bulgaria hosted the European Senior Championships in Olympic Taekwondo, where seven members of the Polish team achieved a great success: Aleksandra Kowalczuk won the silver medal
15 March 2021
Even a short escape from the city, breaking away from the daily routine, leaving the comfort zone, climbing and the opportunity to admire the Tatra Mountains. That's what you miss
09 March 2021
Jan Błachowicz undefeated Fighting sports fans were happy and proud to hear about the next success of Jan Błachowicz, who defeated Israel Adesanya on the American soil and thus defended
04 March 2021
Children like to play. When they exercise, they play too, and as long as the fun continues, no special encouragement is needed. Children relatively rarely get injured, even when they
14 February 2021
"Gazeta Wyborcza" of February 12, 2021 published a comprehensive Obesity Report. The journalist, Wojciech Moskal presented there a lot of alerting data supported by the results of the latest research
19 January 2021
This year's winter can be beautiful, but it does not make life easier for people eager to do  sports. In response to the constraints of the pandemic (normally skiing or

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