On Monday, February 28, the defenders of Ukraine were joined by Stanislav Horuna, Olympic bronze medalist in karate. "Welcome to hell, Russians" - this is how he greeted the aggressor via Instagram.

Vasil Lomachenko, the former world champion of the WBO featherweight category and former world champion of WBC, WBA, WBO in the light category, also entered the army. Boxer joined the Belgorod-Dniester Territorial Defense Battalion.

The MMA fighter Yaroslaw Amosov, the holder of the Bellator light heavyweight belt, also decided to fight for the freedom of Ukraine. In May, he was supposed to defend the title in the fight against Michael Page, which, under current circumstances, will probably not happen. Amosov reported that he had put the family in a safe zone, and that he himself has returned joined the military force.

Many prominent athletes, including martial arts stars, became involved in the defense of Ukraine, putting their lives and health at risk. Some of them are:

Slava Ukrajini!

06 March 2022

Ukrainian sportsmen defend their country

The Klitshko brothers who became famous around the world as outstanding boxers. After the end of their sports careers, they acted for the benefit of society: Vitaliy entered politics and has been the mayor of Kiev since 2014, Vladimir got involved in charity, for example, he auctioned his 1996 Olympic gold medal, and donated one million dollars for it to the needy kids. Since the outbreak of the war, the brothers have actively participated in the defense of the country.

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