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Aleksander Rychlik


The benefits of personal training include:

  • a training plan tailored to the needs and capabilities of a specific client

  • directing activities to a specific goal (e.g. losing weight, building a desired body-shape, getting rid of pain, correcting posture)

  • attention to individual preferences, interests and personality features

  •  constant care for the exercise correctness

  •  flexibility, variety, lack of monotony

  •  saving time (the trainer's attention focused on one trainee, optimal use of training time for specified aims, matching hours of exercise to the client’s daily schedule)

  • contact with the trainer (Internet, telephone)


Frequently chosen types of training:

  • slimming

  • keeping fit and healthy

  •  improving motoric capabilities

  •  fitness and shaping



  • A training session lasts 1 hour.


  • Most often the training is run in the "Aligatores" Club at 50/54 Nowogrodzka St., Warszawa


  • The place of outdoor training is the Armenian square in Sadyba.


  • Classes with children are held at

     -  "Just Jump" Club, ul. św. Bonifacego  100, Warszawa


     -  "Karuzella" Education and Play Center, ul.Szulborska 3/5,   Warszawa


It is also possible to meet at the place agreed with the client. The regular price of training session increases by the cost of travel in such case (about PLN 20).