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Aleksander Rychlik


The benefits of personal training include:

  • a training plan tailored to the needs and capabilities of a specific client

  • directing activities to a specific goal (e.g. losing weight, building a desired body-shape, getting rid of pain, correcting posture)

  • attention to individual preferences, interests and personality features

  •  constant care for the exercise correctness

  •  flexibility, variety, lack of monotony

  •  saving time (the trainer's attention focused on one trainee, optimal use of training time for specified aims, matching hours of exercise to the client’s daily schedule)

  • contact with the trainer (Internet, telephone)


Frequently chosen types of training:

  • slimming

  • keeping fit and healthy

  •  improving motoric capabilities

  •  fitness and shaping



  • A training session lasts 1 hour.


  • Most often the training is run in the "Aligatores" Club at 50/54 Nowogrodzka St., Warszawa


  • The place of outdoor training is the Armenian square in Sadyba.


  • Classes with children are run at


-   Szkoła Podstawowa im. św. Franciszka, ul.Teresińska 9, Warszawa


-   Centrum Edukacji i Zabawy "Karuzella", ul. Szulborska 3/5 lok.U-1, Warszawa


-  Szkoła  Podstawowej nr 402, ul. Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego 22, Warszawa


-  Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 388 (judo hall),ul.Deotymy 25/33 


More information about training for children:



It is also possible to meet at the place agreed with the client. The regular price of training session increases by the cost of travel in such case (about PLN 20).