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Aleksander Rychlik

Płaski brzuch
06 September 2021


It is not true that all students are happy to switch from distance learning to regular classroom lessons. In a TV interview, the girl (probably second or third grade) said: "I preferred studying at home, because now there will be less time and opportunities to play on my computer." At the same time, there is no doubt that partial closure at home results in less physical fitness and an increase in overweight among Poles, including those of school age.


Encouraging children to physical activity and creating opportunities to breaking bad habits is always worth doing and now it makes even more sense. It is certainly important to recognize the child's preferences and let him choose the sport that is best for them - that should be a trial approach. Not everyone has to like football or ballet, but everyone can try them. Help your child to find a sport they like. Perhaps for some, the right proposal will be general development training with elements of martial arts in the Monsters Club in Warsaw (more information at: https://sporty-walki.edu.pl/) or individual training with a professional trainer.


Specialists have identified the most important factors that make the child gain weight. These are:

• reduced physical activity caused by too frequent and unnecessary use of means of transportation;

• lack of spontaneous physical activity;

• fun and games while sitting;

• unlimited access to TV and a computer;

• inadequate diet - easier access to processed, high-calorie food, rich in fats and simple sugars;

• too large meals; irregular consumption of main meals, skipping them and frequent eating of caloric snacks;

• stress caused by conflicts at school and family.


The italicized parts come from the "Report on school" - "Gazeta Wyborcza" of August 27, 2021

pp. 3 and 8.

Created by: Adam Rychlik - Wytwórnia Projektów Wartościowych ,   adamrychlik@icloud.com