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Aleksander Rychlik

Training for children.
14 February 2021


"Gazeta Wyborcza" of February 12, 2021 published a comprehensive Obesity Report. The journalist, Wojciech Moskal presented there a lot of alerting data supported by the results of the latest research by scientists. Unfortunately, concerns that obesity increases the risk of a severe and complicated course of COVID-19 have been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Polish children are currently putting on weight the fastest in Europe. We are fifth in the world in terms of the number of overweight children. This problem affects 44% of Polish boys and 25% of girls under the age of 20. To make matters worse, scientists' observations show that four-fifths of overweight or obese teenagers become obese adults (according to the latest NHF data, 68% of Poles and 53% of Polish women are overweight today).

The author of the Report points out that obese children often experience problems related to low self-esteem, and are also at risk of non-acceptance and rejection.

The main causes of obesity are (nothing new here) lack of exercise and poor diet.

I encourage you to read the entire Report, which is not limited to diagnosis, but also contains many specific tips, e.g. How to change the diet using the three-step method or: Advice for a couch-potato. You won't lose weight unless you start moving 

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