Regardless of the degree of difficulty, you should take care of your own safety. The basic measures are:

  • helmet, knee, elbow and spine pads
  • reliable brakes
  • off-road tires
  • adjusted tire pressure (lower than for going on asphalt)
  • getting acquainted with the route before trying to descend (the short route is an advantage here)
  • do not go alone (a personal trainer is the perfect solution)


Of course, you should be prepared in terms of overall fitness.



19 August 2022

Times change, but you have to ride

Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly, but it can also be a great form of recreation, and even a source of extreme experiences. Riding a mountain bike can provide just such feelings.

When starting your adventure with mountain biking, you should not start from mountain routes. It is best to find a hilly terrain where the routes already exist and have varying degrees of difficulty. An example is the area of the city forest in Olsztyn, where every cyclist will find something for himself. Even simple ride along the forest paths in the Łyna river gorge or by the lakes is something completely different than cycling along city paths. There you can also try your skills at downhill runs (if you feel the need to do so :)).

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Aleksander Rychlik

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