15 May 2022

Insomniacs put on weight faster

What does sleep have to do with weight loss? It may look like lack of linkage in this relation.  In common opinion, life is so interesting and exciting that sleeping is a pure waste of time - everything on the run, so you are. Consequently: intensive physical activity is regarded as factor that keeps you slim and fit, whereas the role of sleeping is ignored. That's a wrong opinion! Doctor of Medical Sciences, Daniel Śliż, president of the Polish Society of Life Style Medicine, states: Not getting enough sleep influences other habits - that's like dominoes. If we are sleepy, we consume more throughout the day and we do are not motivated enough to go to training. It's easier and more temtative to stay on the couch and drink alcohol for relaxation. The physician observed that for patients talking about sleeping is crucial. They must understand that sufficient doze of sleeping is a determinant of motivation for action, healthy habits, and eventually quality of life.

Based on the article by Katarzyna Staszak "Where does high cholesterol come from" - Gazeta Wyborcza of May 6, 2022, pp. 18-19.

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Aleksander Rychlik

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