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Aleksander Rychlik

Created by: Adam Rychlik - Wytwórnia Projektów Wartościowych ,   adamrychlik@icloud.com



  • A training session lasts 1 hour.


  • Most often the training is run in the "Aligatores" Club at 50/54 Nowogrodzka St., Warszawa


  • The place of outdoor training is the Armenian square in Sadyba.


  • Classes with children are held at

     -  "Just Jump" Club, ul. św. Bonifacego  100, Warszawa


     -  "Karuzella" Education and Play Center, ul.Szulborska 3/5,   Warszawa


          More about activities for children in the "Monsters" club:



It is also possible to meet at the place agreed with the client. The regular price of training session increases by the cost of travel in such case (about PLN 30).



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+48 608 619 695

For a new client the first training unit is for half the price !



12 units/month

1440 zł

130 zł 

for 1 unit 

For a new client the first training unit 



8 units/month

1120 zł

150 zł 

for 1 unit


4 units/month

640 zł

170 zł

for 1 unit

Training  for  2 persons

80 zł per person 

170 zł

for 1 unit

Training for 3 persons

70 zł per person

220 zł

for 1 unit

Trraining for 4 persons 

60 zł per person

250 zł

for 1 unit