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Aleksander Rychlik

05 November 2020


It seems that’s true. In Poland, the research on this issue has not been completed yet, but some idea is given the by the results of studies of Italian scientists, which were published in the magazine "Obesity". They show that during the lockdown, the diet of children and young people changed in an unfavorable for health way: the consumption of crisps increased 8 times, the consumption of sweet drinks increased by 125%, and the consumption of meat by 90%. A t the same time the number of hours spent on the sports dropped down by almost two-thirds, while the number of hours spent on watching television increased by more than 175%.


The data published the medical magazine "Lancet" show that the stress generated pandemic causes compulsory eating – that’s a way of management the levels of dopamine, a mood hormone.

The factors of pandemic stress that were listed in that research outcome include: fear of infection, frustration, boredom, and in the case of adults, also fear of financial loss.


Source of information “Gazeta Wyborcza”, 30.10.20. p. 24-25.

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