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Aleksander Rychlik

31 December 2020



The year 2020 is behind us. It wasn't an easy time…! Shall the New Year 2021 be the beginning of better times.

New Year's resolutions result from good intentions, but in practice they often turn out to be too ambitious: belly fat bands do not disappear, and the yo-yo effect is the main output of slimming project.

Let's stick to rational, long-term plans. It may occur to persist in implement when you try yourself only, but you have your trainer who motivates you (really motivates!) and back you up in difficult moments.

Let’s enter better times healthy, fit and in good shape. When to start? The best time for action is NOW!


Fot: Nenad Rakicevic, Serbia

Created by: Adam Rychlik - Wytwórnia Projektów Wartościowych ,   adamrychlik@icloud.com