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Aleksander Rychlik

25 October 2020


 Although without any audience, this sport event was full of emotions. The  opponents of our fighters  were more experienced, but that was not a problem  - lerning  something from them was an adventage. My traonees did  not lack sports enthusiasm:  Kuba showed good control and gaining ground positions, Dima was great in stand-up fight - he successfully faced the best players of UKS, and Bartek, as always, performed his  eagerness and heart to fight, because thos is his nature .Sparring is a challenge, but it pays off: the particiapnts increase their sports experience, strengthen mental resilience, learn  respect for the opponent and strengthen fellowship. You can't buy that for any money, you must get it yourself!

Under normal conditions, after the sparring emotions, we would go for a pizza (you are entitled to such meal after sparring), but unfortunately everything was closed (Bartek - the team's roadie - checked it).We will need  to come up with something else later.

Many thtanks to UKS Mały Wojownik  https://www.uksmalywojownik.pl/ for organizing this event !


Created by: Adam Rychlik - Wytwórnia Projektów Wartościowych ,   adamrychlik@icloud.com